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Recommended Reading for Dementia Caregivers
Please click here for the definitive list of dementia caregiver books.  Being educated about dementia is key to staying connected with your loved ones.

Reason for Optimism:  The Latest on AD Research
Funding is up and researchers have a renewed optimism in the battle to find a cure or preventative measure for AD and other dementias.  Here’s a quick update on what’s happening in the world of research.

The Dos and Don’ts of “Speaking Dementia”
When someone you love has dementia, understanding how to communicate with them is key to staying connected.  Here’ are some great tips to help you through.

Safety Check List for the Home
Make sure your loved one with dementia is safe inside their home by following the suggestions on this safety check list.

Connecting with your Loved Ones through the Arts
If someone you love is quiet, isolated, sad or otherwise disengaged from life due to dementia, you may be able to make a connection with them using art, music, drama or dance.  Read about how dementia patients connect with the arts here.

Tips for Selecting a Home Caregiver
If your loved one is showing signs that make you uncomfortable about them living at home unassisted, you may want to bring a caregiver into the home.  This article will give you some solid tips for selecting the caregiver agency that’s right for you.

What to Do About Caregiver Burnout
Stress is common among family caregivers, and as we’ve heard a million times, stress kills.  One of our experts shares her thoughts about caregiver burnout and what to do take care of yourself.

If You’ve Been Wondering about Wandering…
This article is for you.  It’s very common for dementia patients to wander at night.  Here are a few expert tips on how to help you and your loved one get a good night’s sleep.

Moments of Joy at Adult Day Services
If you think that your loved one with dementia can no longer make friends and find joy being around others, think again.  Read this article to find out what DMDEC did:  there’s still a lot of living to do!

Keeping your Loved One with Dementia Engaged
Even as their dementia progresses, it’s essential that your parent or loved one continue to be challenged and stimulated mentally.  This article contains some great tips about how you can help them through all the stages of dementia.

Dealing with Aggressive Behavior
If your parent or loved one suddenly acts out verbally or physically, you know how scary it can be.  Here is some insight into how to best handle aggressive behaviors in people with dementia.

Bathing and Sleep Issues
When your parents decide they don’t want to bathe, what do you do?  And what about not sleeping at night??  This article offers some insights into two very frustrating challenges for boomer caregivers.

Getting Along with the Siblings
When a family is in crisis, siblings who can work together on behalf of their parents have a much easier time.  However, it’s not always easy to get along.  Here is some great insight and advice on the subject.

Inner Self-Care
As caregivers, we are under a great deal of stress as we grieve the loss of parents who are still here.  Learn some tips about caring for your internal self here.

Taking Away the Car Keys
Having the “its time to hang up the car keys” discussion with our parents is a tough one.  Learn ways to handle this delicate situation here.

Online Resources
Here are some excellent online resources for family caregivers.

Insights into Communicating
Insights into communicating with and caring for your loved one with dementia

The Psychology of Caregiving
Relationships can be difficult and challenging, but when a parent or loved one has dementia, the relationship with their son or daughter caregivers becomes much more complex.

The “Skinny” on Adult Day Services
This article talks about the benefits of involving your loved one in Adult Day Services.

Getting Help from a Geriatric Care Manager
Can getting professional assistance from someone outside the family be the answer?

Navigating the Maze of Services
There’s help out there if you know where to look.  (See also article on Online Resources.)

“To Do” List for New Caregivers
If you are new to the caregiver role, you know how overwhelming it can be.  Getting organized and focused is really important, and that’s what this article is all about.

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The Psychology of CaregivingThe Psychology of Caregiving

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