Aging Wisely

This area of DMDEC features interviews with experts on a variety of aging related issues.

Do I Have Dementia?  Understanding the Signs and Symptoms
Dr. Diana Kerwin explains what normal forgetfulness is versus memory loss to be concerned about.

Five Wishes
If you don’t know your Five Wishes, you should!  Learn about them in this brief article.

The Latest Research on How We can Save our Aging Brains
Don’t just worry about getting dementia some day, DO something about it.  Learn about what the latest research says and take charge of how you age. 

Move, Move, Move!
You’ve heard it a million times, but the message is worth repeating–your body needs exercise on a daily basis. 
Cross Train Your Brain
Yes, doing crossword puzzles every day is great..but to keep your brain healthy as we age, we must do more.   Check out this article about the benefits of brain exercises.

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