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Diane Rosen PhotoI created Dead Men Don’t Eat Chicken as a way to cope with my parents’ dementia.  Dealing with my parents’ declining mental capacity has been one big horrible nightmare, but venting my frustrations, sharing my experiences, and learning everything I can about dementia and being a caregiver has kept me on solid footing.  Well… at least most of the time.

If your parent or other loved one has dementia, this site is for you, too.  I invite you to share your stories and lessons learned here, because there is so much to know when it comes to living with dementia, and the best teachers are those of us dealing with it every day.    It’s my hope that my observations and honest reactions to my family’s situation will be a comfort to you, as I’m sure your stories will be a comfort to me.

When my parents were first diagnosed, I didn’t know anything about dementia.  I’ve since made it my mission to learn everything I can about it and to share what I learn on this site and through live presentations. All the articles you will find here are topic-focused and quick reads for busy people like us.  The more I learn about dementia, the more confident I feel when I’m caring for my parents.  I hope you find that to be true for you, as well.

Baby boomers are taking a big hit over this dementia thing.  We’re not only dealing with our parents’ dementia, but according to the Alzheimer’s Association, AD will become the defining disease of our generation.  10 million of us will either die with it or from it.  That’s one scary statistic.  It’s best that we prepare ourselves for what may await us.  Let’s do it together.

About Me

My name is Diane Rosen.  I’m happily married and live in a suburb north of Chicago.

I am a professional writer and creative director in the meetings and events business.  My first career was as a news and traffic reporter on the radio in Chicago.  I come from a family of punsters who know how to laugh, and I grew up acting in musical comedies.

It is my belief that all the skills I’ve honed over the years; my ability to write, conduct interviews, “get the story”, project clearly when I speak, and my ability to add a little levity to just about any subject – even dementia – have prepared me for this new life adventure.

Thank you for visiting Dead Men Don’t Eat Chicken.  I hope you get a lot of comfort and value out of it in the months to come.

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